Antonio Cecchi

Freelance Game Designer


here some of my studies and other interesting stuff

Customization & Personality

The purpose of the study is to find out if there is a connection between Personality and Customization and if so: how Personality influences Customization choices.
Everything supported by over 30 questionnaires

Level Design Pattern Analysis

The purpose of the study is to better understand level design patterns of platformer-cooperative games.
Unravel 2 is the Game of the Analysis in this case.

My Games

here some of my games


A rhetorical game about game addiction in which the player controls a sea creature and explores the deep swimming

1 person, 1 month

Chef Adventure

A narrative game on well-being as a balance between desires
and responsibilities

9 people, 6 months


A puzzle game about managing renewable resources and preserving biodiversity

8 people, 6 months

Word War

A party game with direct conflict in which the players have to make words in order to score points, fighting for the letters

9 people, 17 months

+ or -

A cooperative puzzle game with asymmetrical gameplay based on magnetism

2 people, 1 month

About Me

Passionate about video games since childhood, immediately after High School, I enrolled in the Game Design academy of Florence: "The Sign Academy".During the 3 years (2018-2021) at the academy, I learned to tell, teach and entertain through video games.
In particular, I trained my system thinking approach and learnt how to write clear, complete and effective documentation necessary for the development of the project.

While studying at the academy, I found my way as a game designer focusing more on User Experience in general.
For this reason, after graduating, I started to work at Whitesock as a Game Designer, before, and as UX/UI Designer too now.

During these two years, I had the opportunity to work on many projects;
from mobile to VR games, and even non-game experiences, learning through practice (and failure XD) how to apply the skills that I learnt during the academy on my job.
Beyond this, I learnt how important is to work as a team, managing tasks and schedules and organizing the work in a way to get better results with less pressure.Today, I’m happy that what was my childhood dream has become the goal I’m achieving.

I collect the most interesting and important projects for me in this portfolio, you can find them in My Games section.


Florence (50142), Italy+39