Antonio Cecchi

Freelance Game Designer


here some of my studies and other interesting stuff

Customization & Personality

The purpose of the study is to find out if there is a connection between Personality and Customization and if so: how Personality influences Customization choices.
Everything supported by over 30 questionnaires

Level Design Pattern Analysis

The purpose of the study is to better understand level design patterns of platformer-cooperative games.
Unravel 2 is the Game of the Analysis in this case.

My Games

here some of my games


A rhetorical game about game addiction in which the player controls a sea creature and explores the deep swimming

1 person, 1 month

Chef Adventure

A narrative game on well-being as a balance between desires
and responsibilities

9 people, 6 months


A puzzle game about managing renewable resources and preserving biodiversity

8 people, 6 months

Word War

A party game with direct conflict in which the players have to make words in order to score points, fighting for the letters

9 people, 17 months

+ or -

A cooperative puzzle game with asymmetrical gameplay based on magnetism

2 people, 1 month

About Me

Passionate about videogames since childhood, immediately after graduating from Russell-Newton Scientific High School in Scandicci (FI) I enrolled in the Game Design academy of my city.

During the 3 years (2018-2021) at The Sign Academy in Florence, I learned to tell, teach and entertain through video games.
In particular, I learned how to have excellent system thinking and know how to write clear, complete and effective documentation necessary for the development of the project.

I also developed technical skills of UI/UX and Game Feel with which I understood how to communicate the vision of the system to the player making the most of the principles of User-Centred Design. Examples are 2 commissioned projects for Unicoop Firenze: Simbioasi and Chef Adventure.

The team with which I realized the final project for the academy (WordWar) has often recognized me also an excellent problem-solving ability, good management of interpersonal dynamics and remarkable proactivity in the work done giving me the role of team leader.

Today, I’m happy that what was my childhood dream has become the goal I’m achieving.


Florence (50142), Italy+39